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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 14, 2018

How many hours a week are you sitting? Are you doing anything to combat the damage that sitting is causing you? Tune in to this episode of Strong By Design as Coach Chris and Coach Brian discuss the hidden survival muscle and what is actually going on in your body as you spend countless hours sitting each week.  Find out how you can reverse these effects with the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” routine.

"If we're in the woods and a bear starts attacking us, we're going to crunch up in a tiny ball... From a seated position [fetal position] your body barely differentiates between true panic or just everyday routine... "


-Coach Brian


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Time Stamps:
05:09 How movement drives the brain
07:17 The main functions of the sympathetic nervous system
12:54 All about the Psoas
19:27 Why it's so important to stretch your hip flexors
21:50 Movement is medicine! Repair your body with simple  exercises
23:12 The relationship between your hips and glutes
25:24 How tight hips damage the entire body
29:22 How  sitting adds to your body becoming a fat storing machine
35:28 All about the unlock your hip flexor program



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