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Strong By Design Podcast

May 22, 2018

Did you know that some people actually sustain fat loss longer when we add their favorite foods into their diet? It’s true, fat loss is a mental thing as much as it is physical. Today Coach Chris is joined by strength coach Ryan Faehnle. They discuss hunger hormones and some unconventional fat loss tricks. Tune into this episode to find out.


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“When we remove restrictions and trickle in people's favorite foods here and there they actually lose weight faster.”

-Ryan Faehnle

Time Stamps:

3:00 Ryan’s backstory: From fat kid to strength coach

6:50 Why people gain more weight after a diet

7:58 The 2 appetite hormones and what they do

9:40 The issue with rapid weight loss

12:46 Why you need to stop calling food good or bad

15:17 Why you shouldn’t cut your favorite food out of your diet

17:59 Don’t try and stop bad habits, alter them


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