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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

Getting better results in LESS time is always a good thing, especially when it comes to exercise, workouts and fat loss.

If you're looking to improve athletic performance and change the look of your physique in record time, Chandler Marchman is your go to strength and health expert.

Coach Chris sits down with Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Chandler Marchman and discusses training efficiency and his brand new Six Minute Fat Loss program. Designed to give the beginner to advanced athlete short yet super effective workout routines, METCON-6 takes kettlebell training to a whole new level of amazing!


"Training Economy man, you gotta get More with Less! Getting more with less is the true essence of what really attracted me to kettlebells and obviously just getting phenomenal results."

-Chandler Marchman


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2:15 How Chandler became an absolute BEAST of an athlete

4:50 Deep down he knew there was a better way to train

7:55 Igniting the passion for true athletic performance

10:15 Getting rooted in Tampa at his amazing training facility

13:57 The move up north and transitioning to Online Coaching

18:40 Why kettlebells are his GO TO strength tools

25:53 How kettlebell training is unique and loaded with benefits

31:14 Why bodybuilding and cardio isn’t the best approach

35:50 Training economy, getting MORE with LESS (time efficient)

40:12 Great training for Beginners, not just advanced athletes

44:18 A pair of kettlebells at home, 10 minutes and Get Results

46:51 The most versatile strength tools EVER

50:34 How to see Coach Chandler in ACTION




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