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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 12, 2018

Nothing compares to hard work. Not even steroids! Listen to today’s episode to hear John Hansen’s stories from his experience as a bodybuilder, Natural Mr. Olympia, and 3x Natural Mr. Universe. Hear how bodybuilding has changed from the 70s and what John learned from people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Find out how you can apply hard work to get the results that will get you the most satisfaction.

“I had to go up to like 5,000 calories a day because my metabolism was so fast... and there was guys in the gym saying just go on some steroids man... and I was like, no, no, I gotta do it natural...”

-John Hansen


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Time Stamps:

1:40 - How John set and reached his goal to be Natural Mr. Universe and why he continues to get ripped at the age of 55

7:53 - Why superheroes and the “real-life superhero” Bruce Lee started John’s journey into bodybuilding

21:37 - Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lessons on marketing: How John Hansen learned about marketing from Arnold

28:23 - The difference between people who fit in and people who change the world: Where you need to find your motivation

33:56 - The biggest challenge John faced in training: How to start and persist through the intensity of bodybuilding training

39:47 - Nutrition vs. training: How character can be developed through your personal training and commitment

45:52 - How Arnold convinced John to stay away from steroids at an early age and what it takes to build muscle with the natural method

55:39 - John’s goals for 2019 and how hard work and preparation for competitions can be fun and rewarding



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