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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 16, 2019

Your "genetic" limitations on muscle size are NOT genetic. You've stopped growing because your training hasn't optimized the four key physiological factors that are essential for accessing your TRUE muscle growth potential.

In today's episode Coach Chris connects with the Mad Scientist of Muscle Nick Nilsson. Find out how exercise science has proven that these four factors can be TRAINED and IMPROVED so that you can finally build the muscle mass that your body is TRULY capable of building and unlock your hidden potential.

Discover How to Unlock 5, 10, even 20 Pounds of Your TRUE "Untapped" Muscle Growth Potential in the Next 90 Days with Metamorphosis.

"Connective tissue unlike muscle tissue really does not go away with time, you develop this connective tissue strength, you've got it for a long time.."

-Nick Nilsson


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Time Stamps:

 02:40 How Nick developed the Metamorphosis program over 25 years of in-depth hands on experience

04:21 Definition of Angiogenesis training

07:46 Why Connective Tissue takes so long to strengthen

16:47 How Phase 3 Hyperplasia training will help you grow MORE muscle fibers

24:50 Super-human nervous system activation that is the SPARK that makes everything happen

33:04 How often the Mad Scientist works in his gym laboratory

36:14 Putting all 4 phases together of the Metamorphosis program

39:50 How ALL future training programs are impacted by your Metamorphosis training

42:08 Meet Nick's 3 dogs and eating fur for added protein

44:06 You are literally FAST-FORWARDING yourself into muscle and strength building over 90 days



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