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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 23, 2019

If you have ever had any questions about the Keto diet and it’s impact, not only with it’s respect to weight loss, but also what impact it has on brain health and it’s potential to cure some diseases then you do NOT want to miss this episode. 

Dr. Dom D’Agostino, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor with tenure at USF whose teaching focus is in the fields of neuropharmacology, medical biochemistry, physiology and neuroscience.  His research and laboratory studies have helped to develop metabolic-based strategies that target seizures, neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy and even cancer.  In the last 10 years, the main focus of his laboratory work has been devoted to how a ketogenic diet and ketone metabolite supplementation positively impacts these issues, as well as how a ketogenic diet can be utilized to treat certain diseases and health issues that are linked to metabolic dysregulation.

In this podcast Dr. Dom shares his background, how he became one of the “go to” researchers and teachers in this area as well as some incredible and promising insights into just how a ketogenic diet is helping to not only cure childhood epilepsy, but have a massive impact on brain health.


Over the last 20 years I went from studying cells in the brain to actually studying humans to more recently being a subject in a study where I’m actually a participant, I’m a study organizer and we’re looking at different modalities to enhance performance and cognition in these extreme environments.” 

-Dr Dom D'Agostino


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02:00. “I guess fitness really drew me to science”

04:12 “I found out that a nutrition intervention in the form of a ketogenic diet worked when drugs failed.”

05:49 “It gives me an understanding of how nutrition impacts our performance and our overall health in these extreme environments which tend to disregulate various processes that can harm us in our physical and cognitive capacity.”

07:46 “When someone mentions a ketogenic diet I think of a medical intervention and anti-seizure strategy.”

08:73 In the last 2 years, what has the ketogenic diet shown us as far as a weight loss strategy?

13:11 Ketogenic diet myths vs facts

17:15 Does Dr. Dom eat desserts? Find out what he has to say about ketogenic “goodies.”

21:18 What does Dr. Dom eat to help stick to a ketgenic lifestyle?

21:54 Is a ketogenic diet conducive to help make lean mass gains?

23:11 What is a “modified” ketogenic diet? Dr. Dom gives us the facts.

25:55 What does Dr. Dom feel the keto-community has somewhat ignored?

28:08 “If you don’t pay attention to the amount of calories you are consuming, you’re not for weight loss purposes, it’s not a good idea.”

28:44 Find out what risks are associated with a ketogenic diet.

31:55 Find out what Dr. Dom recommends you do before starting a ketogenic diet.

34:52 “In some people that are called hyper-responders it actually does cure epilepsy.”

35:05 Find out about the Charlie Foundation as a tremendous resource in helping people find out more about the clinical use of the ketogenic diet.

35:31 Meryl Streep made a movie about Charlie’s story

36:11 “So the diet then fundamentally is changing the neuropharmacology and the structure of the brain.”

37:57 Do Alzheimer’s patients respond to a ketogenic diet?

41:15 Here is what you need to ask your Doctor for if you are wanting to begin a ketogenic diet to help counter as a nutrition intervention.

45:25 Here is the approach Dr. Dom recommends if you are thinking about cycling a ketogenic diet

49:25 What Dr. Dom as observed in children who are now adults, who are on a ketogenic diet.

53:04 Find out what Dr. Dom has to say about the ketogenic diet and children with behavioral problems

53:16 “You really need to nail down nutrition, especially when the brain is growing.”



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