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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 13, 2019

Sometimes being a "superhero" in life simply means showing up every single day and giving your best YOU to those who matter most...

On today's very special episode, Coach Chris and Coach Brian share their very personal lives as Dads. Both hosts of the Strong By Design show are fathers of young children. They share their struggles, their victories and their insights into what makes ordinary men heroic as Fathers and Husbands. If you're a Dad (or a Mom), you have to hear this amazing message!


"You feel unimportant, insignificant, well let me be the first to tell you that's a lie... you are significant, what you do matters and your kids need you."

-Brian Klepacki

"You have to be able to flip that switch.. turn that dial and even though it's been a long day, and maybe work you had your challenges and you're a bit drained, you have to give your best, get back to your A game for those 2-3 hours.."  

-Chris Wilson


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1:05 Forgetting what life was like before kids...

2:53 The book that inspired this SuperHero Dad conversation

6:40 Society has downgraded Dad's role in the family unit

10:10 Life growing up in the Klepacki home

15:30 We are NOT our fathers

16:26 Life growing up in the Wilson home

20:20 Every day is a NEW day to be the Dad you NEED to be!

23:00 Importance of having a Mom & Dad 

25:16 Some stats about homes without Dads

27:10 Just BE THERE for your kids!

38:25 NEVER hold back on showing your kids Love

39:50 Do you know your child's Love Language?

43:50 How we as Dads treat our wives and how it affects our children

45:52 The BIG takeaway from the inspirational book



  • HERO: Becoming the Strong Father Your Children Need by Meg Meeker (available on Amazon & Audible)


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