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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 27, 2019

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we are very unhappy with our ourselves, and this ultimately facilitates a massive shift to a better life. 

Growing up Luis Montoya was always active and fit, but after getting “comfortable” in a relationship and life, things changed and he found himself gaining a lot of weight and ultimately feeling “disgusted” with himself.  It was at this time in his life that Luis took action to create massive change in his life.  Not only did he regain an optimal state of health, fitness and wellness but he also created an impressive career for himself in the fitness industry.  

Listen to this young man’s inspiring and inspirational story in this podcast.



“I didn’t realize just how out of shape I was and I just felt kind of disgusted with myself, I had a hard time looking in the mirror, I had really low self-esteem and that was the shift for me.  I wanted to make that change for my kid.  So, I was like alright you know I’m going to get in shape and change my life because I don’t want my kid to see me this way.  I wanted my kid to have that Superman Father figure.” 

-Luis Montoya



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2:28 How a big “life announcement” became an even bigger “wake up call!”

7:54 How wearing a shirt at a pool party was Luis’ rock bottom.

8:32 “We all have that awareness but we just kind of ignore that until that ONE thing happens”

10:19 “I kind of felt like I climbed that mountain, got to the top of the mountain and then I was just like well now what?  Do I just go back home?  No.  So I just kept challenging myself.”

11:11 Find out how fitness model David Kimberly was an inspiration to Luis

12:02 “I’m a man of faith, I believe in God and that everything happens for a reason.”

13:12 “I started documenting these transformations and I was like hey there is a demand for it . . . I”m going to start personal training.”

16:29 “Early on I already had a vision of what I wanted to do in life.  If I was going to make this a career, I just wanted to be the best.”

18:52 “As soon as you pay for a coach you are invested.  I don’t BS.  I go all in.”

20:09 “My goal is to transform your life.”

22.39 “My biggest accomplishment is just proving to myself that anything is possible when you just go after it.”




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