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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 2, 2019

Is your health regimen not working or not doing you any good? You've tried on different diets, but you remain the same, desperate to lose weight and be fit. The thing is you may be doing it wrong because not all diets work for all.  On today's episode, Coach Chris talks to Gary Watson about the importance of finding your fat burning fingerprint. If you know your fat burning fingerprint type, you would know the right food to eat and must avoid. This way it would be easier to manage your diet and live a healthy lifestyle.


“When a belief system no longer serves us for a greater good, that belief system becomes nothing more than BS!”

-Gary Watson


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Time Stamps:

01:36 Gary’s personal background, his life as a Kinesiologist and what he’s up to

06:53 Dispelling vampire myths about diets and uncovering the truths about the fat burning fingerprint

10:48 The types of fat burning fingerprint and the food you should eat or must avoid depending on your type

20:13 The importance of knowing your fat burning fingerprint type

27:54 Gary’s initial misgiving about intermittent fasting and the fascination that leads to complete belief in it

35:38 Your fat burning fingerprint type, the corresponding meals a day you should consume and the explanation that goes with it

45:34 How Gary’s day goes with a meal he designed for himself and his eating habits

50:29 All about treating yourself and cheat days

56:25 Progress versus perfection




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