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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 20, 2019

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people will fail on any diet or weight loss program! It is virtually impossible to get results working on your own. Even the best athletes in the world have coaches to help improve and perfect their best.

Transformation is a mindset shift. You must eliminate the story that is holding you back. To truly transform and become 'tryumphant', you have to focus on the inside. You have to know your why. 

Matt O'Brien, of TrYumph Functional Fitness, with 20 years training experience, published author of the incredibly popular book 'The Magic Pill', and transformation coach has helped thousands of clients collectively lose thousands of pounds successfully and keep them off. And now he has discovered a new "secret" to weight loss that is helping our clients lost 20-30 pounds in only 4 to 6 weeks.

On today's very special episode, host Brian Klepacki sat down with Matt at the TrYumph Functional Fitness studio in Largo, Florida and they talked about that 'The Magic Pill' that everyone wants! From faith to personal failures to near death experiences, so much life changing knowledge is within this episode. This is one conversation you do not want to miss!


"It's the power of compounding interest, our health is the same way, the earlier you start the more cumulative that interest builds, the more lasting the benefits..." -Matt O’Brien


Time Stamps

3:06 – Matt O’Brien’s backstory

5:50 – How he started working in the health and fitness industry

8:31 – Why is ‘TrYumph’ different?

12:43 – Matt O’Brien shares what keeps him going

22:33 – What is ‘The Magic Pill’ book all about, and what inspired him to write it

25:10 – Matt O’Brien reveals the ‘Magic Pill’

30:18 – The three-part system: Mind, Body and Spirit

35:21 – How to manifest anything you want

37:38 – The power of community

42:53 – Why life is not meant to be lived alone

46:29 – Matt O’Brien's ultimate advice

48:45 – Matt O’Brien recounts mountain bike crash experience, and how he got back on track after the accident

54:02 – Importance of having a supportive network of friends and family

55:32 – Four O’s to grow: Observe, Own, Overcome, Onward

1:00:50 – What you need to know about the Forever Transformation System (FTS)

1:08:22 – Longevity plan with Matt O’Brien

1:12:11 – Health Span > Life Span

1:15:12 – Where you can go to learn more about the FTS program, official website ( and social media channels




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