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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean having to give up all the things you love.  A healthy lifestyle is about balance and being able to incorporate all the things you enjoy while still hitting and maintaining your goals.

Alcohol can be a pretty big part of social events and for many of us, being able to enjoy a drink or two is something we don't want to have to give up in order to hit our weight loss and/ or healthy living goals.

Guess what?  You don't have to!

In this episode Coach Tonya and Coach Brian talk about how to track alcohol and include these calories into your healthy eating plan so you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage without sabotaging all the hard work you are doing! 


"It is very reasonable to enjoy a couple drinks and not sabotage your weight loss, your training goals or whatever it is you're working towards if you can honor the parameters." -Tonya Fines


Time Stamps

4:23 – Enjoy alcohol while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle

7:35 –Importance of tracking alcohol macros

09:00 – What is a standard drink?

12:02 – Mindful drinking

16:06 – What are macros: a beginner’s guide

20:18 – Tracking alcohol macros are just one part of it

24:52 – Make a nutrition plan and stick to it

26:20 – Eliminate alcohol completely to achieve optimal performance

28:20 – 1 alcoholic drink = 1 water rule

31:50 – Six healthy alcohols you should be drinking


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