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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

Menopause hmmm…. You cannot avoid it ladies, however, what you can do is start doing things now that will carry over into your transition through menopause to support you having the best experience possible.

It is often the case that we wait for things to happen before we “do something about it,” or make changes in our life to make a situation better.  Well here is some really good news… you know that menopause is something you will experience in your lifetime and you don’t have to wait to do things that will help you navigate this transition. 

In this podcast, Coach Tonya Fines and Samantha Harrison talk about what women can maybe expect as part of their menopause experience, and also what are some of the things women can start doing, even well before those “change of life” years, to support a better menopause experience. 



"You have a genetic blueprint, I have a genetic blueprint, your daughters have a genetic blueprint so while we are all going to experience menopause, how we experience it is going to be very different from one woman to the next…"

-Tonya Fines



2:09 – Menopause: What it is and what to expect

5:35 – Signs and symptoms to look out for

9:18 – Premenopause vs. Perimenopause

11:35 – Open up to your partner about what you're going through during menopause

14:28 – Menopause symptoms can last up to 10 years

18:01 – Key things to do to have a better menopause experience

24:09 – How exercise can help during menopause

29:51 – Stress management: Identify your triggers

32:20 – How to deal with menopause symptoms

35:33 – Find your tribe and surround yourself with the right people

36:48 – Talking to your doctor about menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Does it help?

41:52 – Menopause is a normal phase


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