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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

From Slovenia to Seattle and from teenage defiance to professional basketball, Luka Hocevar has an amazing story of growth, passion and perseverance.

His profound love of sports and fitness truly saved him from the “wrong” path, bad decisions and a dead end…

Now a best-selling author, strength & fitness entrepreneur, gym owner and world traveler, Luka is leading other hopefuls from around the world to live a life of purpose, pleasure and being fully present.

Get ready for some huge A-HA moments and mic drops as Luka pulls back the curtain and shares his personal story on Strong By Design with Coach Chris.



"Really really choose carefully, intentionally, who you surround yourself with as far as environments and people..that could be the most important decision of your life." -Luka Hocevar



2:16 – Luka Hocevar shares the struggles of holding big LIVE events

9:14 – Why being different is more important than being better

14:31 – Importance of building a great and healthy culture

19:22 – Finding your tribe

23:44 – Luka reveals what attracted him into the fitness/sports world

28:53 – Luka recounts his past… a life as a drug seller

32:10 – Why he moved to the United States

39:20 – How he became a strength and conditioning coach

48:45 – Use the chip on your shoulder to drive greatness… but don’t let it o

52:30 – 3 drivers of intrinsic motivation – Competence, Contribution and Connection

58:40 – Learning to cherish each moment         

1:03:31 – Give your best in everything you do

1:06:09 – Reprogram your belief system and change your life

1:16:42 – Luka Hocevar’s official website, podcasts and social media channels

1:21:26 – The importance of giving back to the community



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