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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 23, 2019

Take control of your health like never before…

People often underestimate how much their day to day living impacts their overall health and wellness. The small and large lifestyle decisions made every single day directly affect the two brains of the body.

Scientist, Doctor and Researcher Gordon Pedersen has dedicated his life to finding out how the body functions, survives and thrives.

In this episode Dr Gordon shares his personal interest in health, how the gut and brain work together, the importance of alkalinity and the unbelievable effects of his structured Silver product on chronic illness and disease.


"There are shortcuts but the human body is ultimately in charge here and down the long road it's important to do the things that are really good for the body, not just the short-term shortcuts." -Dr Gordon Pedersen



0:35 – Get to know Dr. Gordon Pedersen

2:57 – What inspired him to become a doctor

5:52 – Crohn's disease: symptoms, causes, prevention

10:44 – Meet your second brain and its connection to the main brain

14:28 - What you need to know about Alkaline Structured Silver

17:36 – What does the pH scale refer to?

19:25 – Alkaline Structured Silver to the rescue

23:27 – Dr. Gordon recounts double blind placebo-controlled study on the benefits of protein supplementation

30:12 – Big changes start with small shifts

34:00 – Importance of regular blood testing

39:31 – Benefits of deep breathing

41:15 – Dr. Gordon’s Silver products – liquids, gels, soaps, lozenges, and more

45:02 – Taking control of your health

46:37 – Where you can go to find Dr. Gordon’s products and books (



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