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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 9, 2019

“All big changes come from the tiny leaps you take every day.”

This one sentence defines how Gregg Clunis is transforming the world…

His philosophy has become a hit podcast show heard by millions of people all over the world, a book and a thriving digital community that spans more than 170 countries!

Sitting on a subway one day with his girlfriend reading a book, Gregg had had enough and felt compelled to share his personal story and his belief about taking action in life.

On his podcast he tackles topics like how to get motivated to do anything and that following your passion doesn’t always mean that if you find the work you love that you will always feel motivated and happy to do that work.

In today’s interview with Chris Wilson, Gregg talks about his Dad and how being a hardworking, humble immigrant taught him so much at an early age. Gregg talks about the many kinds of mentors in our lives and how by surrounding yourself with the right people you can Take Massive Action and accomplish extraordinary things. 


"There's so many factors that you don't control but you can control something and that something will get you from Point A to something that is not Point A."


"What if I'm successful and I can't sustain it... which is the thing that stops people from taking action." -Gregg Clunis


Time Stamps

2:12 – Get to know Gregg Clunis, his ambition and drive

5:12 – How “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” podcast came to life

10:05 – Family and friends are vital to one’s growth

12:10 – Importance of a mentor and value of mentorship

16:48 – The ‘types’ of mentors in our lives

19:00 – Spend more time with the right people

21:30 – Why context matters

25:00 – What it means to take massive action

31:15 – Failure is necessary for growth and success

34:30 – Learning to ride the waves of life

38:15 – Where they can go to listen Gregg Clunis’ personal development podcast, “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes”

39:40 – Grow your podcast with Gregg’s Sparkology (



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