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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

Where do you get your ‘willpower’ from?

Is willpower something you can truly harness from within or is it something grounded in something bigger and greater than you?

In today’s episode, Mike Westerdal and Chris Wilson are honored to discuss this subject with Bob Brubaker and John Trebino, hosts of The Powerbreak Podcast.

Life is filled with tests, temptations and struggles every single day. If we think we are capable of handling the burdens of life on our own terms, we are certainly doomed to fail.

Get ready to hear some serious wisdom from 19x Ironman and Pastor Bob Brubaker along with close friend and co-host John Trebino who is a 20-year veteran in Law Enforcement. Both men are committed to helping others succeed in the race of life.


"Power comes from God and if you're not tapping into the power of God, you're relying upon yourself and when you rely upon yourself... the arm of the flesh will fail you." -Bob Brubaker



1:25 – Bob as the Spamman and how it all started

4:38 – Bob and JT’s friendship and how they grew in faith together

9:02 – What you need to know about Willpower

11:40 – The power of positive thinking and being grateful

14:45 – ‘Christ IN me’ and not ‘Christ and Me’

16:26 – A state of helplessness is where we find most strength

17:39 – The battle is the Lord's

20:17 – Small steps make big changes

22:10 – Hitting the reset button on life

26:04 – Importance of a community

33:08 – Where is it all coming from and who is it for?

37:34 – Key takeaways from the episode

41:16 – Bob Brubaker’s official website and podcast

46:09 – Where they can go to find Bob Brubaker’s books (

47:08 – Nothing is better than meditating on the Word of the Lord


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