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Strong By Design Podcast

Aug 28, 2019

YouTube sensation and Strength Camp Founder Elliott Hulse visited the CriticalBench Compound to shed some light on the often confused subject of FASTING.

Elliott has been using fasting for 20 years as a serious strongman competitor and health & fitness influencer. His intimate understanding of this centuries old practice helped create his 14-Day Rational Fasting Challenge.

This Fasting program is discussed in great detail in the interview with hosts Mike Westerdal and Chris Wilson who both participated in this 14-Day challenge to gain more awareness about a topic that is typically misunderstood.

Get ready as Elliott unleashes some knowledge bombs about fasting and how it can radically change your perception about food, hunger, digestion, addictions and other deeply rooted emotions!


 "You can't fix and reconfigure the road unless you shut down traffic! And so when we stop eating we're shutting down traffic to our body."


"Go to bed tonight without eating dinner, immediately you're going to have all kinds of resistance but know that you're not going to die and that will be a win in the face of fear."

-Elliott Hulse




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