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Strong By Design Podcast

Aug 14, 2019

Kylie Slavick is a Slam Poet gone Digital Marketer and Brand Storyteller whose generated millions of dollars for her clients through authentic storytelling.

Her first story based ad campaign generated $2.5 Million in the women's coaching industry in just 12 weeks. She believes that great marketing stories can change the world for the better...

In her spare time she's either at the beach, working on getting plastic out of our Oceans, or raising awareness about her mission to end human trafficking.

But Kylie's success wasn’t something that just happened easily nor without some dark, challenging times.  Coach Tonya Fines was fortunate enough to catch up with Kylie to hear her inspiring story of how she overcame addiction to establish a successful career fueled by what is her passion.

"I studied for many years why 'story' works and what makes it so emotional and I grew into my reputation more and I grew into my expertise.."


"Any time I do a webinar I will tell stories for the first 20 minutes and I know that's what people are connecting to... "

-Kylie Slavick


Time Stamps 

3:11    It’s our stories that have the greatest impact

3:57   “I feel like I’m on the ground floor of what is basically a little niche in this industry.”

6:05    Where/ how it all began

11:06   Kylies pivotal moment

14:45   Kylies biggest struggles

16:48   The biggest keys that helped Kylie “kick” her addiction

22:04   “Stories run the world.”

25:53   “Social Media has distributed power more evenly”

27:03   The biggest influenced in Kylie’s life

29:14   Kylie’s biggest “fail”

33:44   Correct it and move forward

37:05   What would Kylie give as her personal advice to someone “starting out”

40:40   How her spiritually helped her to get clean




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