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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 29, 2023


After hundreds of YouTube videos on the Critical Bench YouTube channels and an almost endless list of credentials, Zach Zenios has devoted his life to strength, health optimization and mental toughness. 

He’s a kettlebell expert, USMC Veteran, Yoga instructor, Structural Therapist and the list goes on and on. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Coach Zach Zenios has it all… and at the young age of 29! 

In today’s Part 1 conversation, Zach and host Chris Wilson go deep on defining functional fitness, discuss the power of breath work and developing mindfulness. And be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 released 3 days later where Zach reveals his thoughts about today’s apparent attack on masculinity. 


“A lot of people label things functional fitness that is not really functional... That’s why there’s lot of confusion. But to me, functional fitness is simple. It’s centering your training on things that you would do in real life and things that you do often. - Zach Zenios 


Time Stamps   

01:28 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

05:37 - Get to know today's special guest, Coach Zach Zenios

13:45 - The true meaning of functional fitness and why it's important 

18:22 - Why a barbell deadlift is not functional? 

22:40 - Gym strength vs. real world strength: The way to build real world strength

29:00 - Coach Zach on integrating the concept of aesthetics with functional fitness

38:08 - Where you can go to connect with Coach Zach and learn more about his workout training 

39:18 - Zach talks about his Neurosomatic Therapy study

46:35 - The power of taking responsibility of your health and wellbeing 
51:58 - Breathwork: Zach on how breathing can transform your mind and body 

56:43 - Discover the three dimensions of Qigong meditation  

59:56 - The healing benefits of Qigong 



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