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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 15, 2023


The next generation visits the Critical Bench Compound with host Jared Haley who is a father of 4 himself and was the perfect ‘neutral’ candidate to sit down with these rascals. 

Siblings Karina and Lincoln along with Kellan and Camryn talk through their feelings about some of life’s biggest questions and issues…  

While some of the answers may seem simple, often times in life adults tend to over complicate things. There is a lot of wisdom and insight from these young people. Hope you enjoy our first ever all kids’ episode. 


“Part of bullying is not on the bully; it might be personal stuff that they can’t control... Maybe they have abusive parents or their parents are divorcing.”
Kellan Wilson and Karina Westerdal 


Time Stamps   

00:30 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

00:54 - Introducing today's special guests, the Critical Bench Kids 

01:39 - What would you do if you could do anything today? 

05:11 - Critical Bench Kids reveal who their most favorite person in the world is 

08:07 - What makes them nervous?

10:12 - Critical Bench Kids describe God's attributes 

13:44 - How will the kids deal with and prevent bullying? 

23:00 - Critical Bench Kids on why is it important to eat healthy, and what healthy eating looks like 

25:55 - Discover the sports they participate in 
29:08 - Critical Bench Kids ask host Jared Haley some rapid-fire questions 



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