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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 8, 2023


Patric Young is a former professional American basketball player and current ESPN college basketball analyst but he is so much more than that… Patric is a Kingdom man. 

Our world is changing before our eyes and there seems to be a shortage of strong men showing up at home for their families and in their communities. So, when Strong By Design encounters these game changers, we like to find out what makes them tick. 

Beyond Patric’s amazing basketball success and broadcasting career is something much richer and life changing. Following his tragic accident last year leaving him in a wheelchair, he is helping those paralyzed by fear live in the now 

In his words, “I had to sit to walk.” 


“They see the 10% of the iceberg, but then there’s 90% of all the things you don’t see… They don’t see the sacrifice, the tears, the blood, the failures, and the things that led up to that 10%.” - Patric Young 


Time Stamps   

01:20 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

4:32 - Get to know today's special guest, Patric Young, a former professional basketball player 
11:12 - Patric talks about the life lessons you can learn by playing sports 
13:50 - Success is an iceberg: What success is really all about 

16:46 - Discover who his greatest personal and professional influence has been 
28:22 - Why it's okay to be vulnerable

32:31 - The power of joining a life group 
37: 05 - Patric gets real about his struggle with pornography addiction and how it impacted his life  

49:12 - Discover how he managed to break free from his pornography addiction 
51:44 - How a tragic car accident inspired him to think big and remain positive 

1:00:35 - Patric on how his recovery is coming along 
1:03:50 - Where you can go to connect with Patric Young and learn more about his foundation, The Patric Young Foundation 




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