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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 14, 2022


I’ll never forget the moment when my fiancée Anne turned to me after I had been told that I could never be a SEAL again, and said, 

“What makes you extraordinary isn’t what you can do physically. It's how your brain works, how you think.” (from 

Larry Yatch is a retired US Navy Seal Officer - a 10-year veteran. And boy does Strong By Design love our military heroes. Thank you, God, for these brave men and women! 

He's had a 100% success rate leading and planning over 200 of the most challenging missions in the world's most intense environments. 

Today Larry is using his brilliant mind and revolutionary ability to take complex concepts learned from military training and turn them into simple, precise and actionable behaviors that create major impact for business leaders and entrepreneurs.  

It has taken Larry 12 years and 4 companies to create the systems that allow he and his team to be unstoppable. 


“If you want to be unstoppable in your life, your ability to coordinate action with others is what’s going to drive that.” - Larry Yatch 


Time Stamps  

00:58 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

03:59 – Get to know today’s special guest, Larry Yatch, CEO and co-founder of ‘SEAL Team Leaders’ 

08:24 – Larry shares his experience as a former Navy SEAL officer 

22:58 – Discover the secret to becoming UNSTOPPABLE 

26:25 – The importance of planning in professional and personal life 

29:21 – The importance of performance measures 

32:30 – Larry talks about the steps to optimizing team performance   

35:26 – Team building vs. company culture: What’s the difference? 

42:05 – The true meaning of living with honor 

45:43 – Discover the books and movies that made an impact on his life 

50:04 – Where you can go to connect with Larry Yatch + learn more about ‘How Leadership (Actually) Works’ 





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