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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 20, 2022

Above all other things, people ultimately want to find peace in this life. 

Things often feel out of our control regardless of how much effort or thought we apply. 

So, in this uncertain, fast pace grind we call life, where do we turn for peace, love and truth? 

To technology? What about high-priced objects? How about other people experiencing the same frustrations and struggles as us?  

Nothing fills that hole in our soul like being in relationship with our Creator. On today’s SBD podcast, special guest Jared Haley and host Chris Wilson talk about life and the path to inner peace. 


“When I think about trying to find this inner peace through that relationship, it's remembering that it's a relationship with the Father and the Son... and God truly wants what's best for me." - Jared Haley 


Time Stamps  

00:52 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

04:20 – Get to know Jared Haley of Team Critical Bench 

07:46 – The true meaning of Peace 

12:04 – Jared on where do we find peace in today's world 

16:19 – The importance of peace and harmony in the workplace 

20:04 – What does a healthy relationship with God look like? 

28:03 – Love ≠ acceptance: Jared on what does it really mean to be loving 

35:20 – Is there such a thing as Truth? 

41:13 – Jared on how to find peace with God 

48:42 – The power of walking by Faith & living in Faith 


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