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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 13, 2022


Most men today are struggling, grappling for their identity.  

What or Who is “the standard” for being a real man? What does a good human being look like, a good husband and father… someone we all aspire to be?  

In this life of imperfection, sin, poor choices and self-doubt, there is only one man that meets the needs of all men (all people) and His name is Jesus. He is the Standard. 

He provides a plan and sets the standard that is relatively unknown to modern Christian men and really men everywhere seeking wisdom, strength, courage and love. 

Today’s guest, Josh Khachadourian, is the author of The Standard, as well as a husband, father, leader, coach and host of the ‘Raising The Standard’ podcast. 


"A real man can show his emotions... and he's just as much a man when he's on his knees, teaching a child or demonstrating an emotion that others might say 'oh that's too vulnerable.” -Josh Khachadourian 


Time Stamps  

00:00 – Understanding masculinity 

00:59 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

3:55 – Meet Josh Khachadourian, author of the best-seller 'The Standard' 

07:48 – Josh recounts his childhood and spiritual upbringing 

11:06 – ‘The Standard’: Discover the inspiration behind the book 

17:02 – Josh shares what it’s like living with the Christian faith 

21:30 – Discover the true meaning of masculinity 

25:43 – Who sets the standard for men? 

32:04 – Josh talks about the book’s clever format  

36:25 – Meekness≠Weakness: Josh dives deep into the meekness of Jesus 

47:33 – Josh gives great advice to those who want to be a better man 

54:48 – What’s next for ‘The Standard’? 




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