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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 9, 2022


From a small town in Iowa to NYC, Beverly Hills and Chicago, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the US. But it’s not all tummy tucks and breast augmentations, he actually specializes in men’s cosmetic surgery. 

Dr. Steinbrech absolutely loves his work because every day is something new and different. Pectoral reconstructive surgery (Poland syndrome) to name one type of procedure is one Dr Steinbrech performs regularly in his clinics.  

In this episode host Chris Wilson explores not only the world of men’s cosmetic surgery but also the many health benefits associated with getting a nip and a tuck. 


"You have a guy who's never gone to the gym and on the table, he transforms to having a slender waist, big shoulders, big traps and a big chest." -Dr. Douglas Steinbrech 



Time Stamps  

00:00 – The power of plastic surgery

1:14 - Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

1:38 – Meet Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, one of the most sought out experts for men’s surgery in the United States

06:03 – How Dr. Douglas got into the world of plastic surgery

09:39 – Dr. Douglas shares where his love and passion for male plastic surgery comes from

12:30 – Understanding male pectoral augmentation

17:19 – Dr. Douglas talks about one of his client’s life-changing transformation

20:25 – How plastic surgery boosts self-confidence

27:29 – Bodybanking: What is it?

34:06 – Discover the untold benefits of plastic surgery

36:24 – What to know about breast reduction surgery

40:20 – Dr. Douglas dives deep into Botox and its many uses

48:48 – Where you can go to connect with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech




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