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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 2, 2022

Numbing his pain with drugs and reckless behavior for nearly two decades is all Eric knew… until the day he nearly ended his own life. 

On that day with a gun in his hand he made a commitment to himself.  

Eric realized that he alone was responsible for turning things around and if he was to be the man his son and wife desperately needed, it was solely his decision. 

Find out the miraculous story of survival and transformation with guest Eric Rogers on today’s episode of the Strong By Design podcast hosted by Chris Wilson. 


"I've lost everything three times... your happiness comes from within you. If you can be grateful for your breath alone, you're unstoppable." -Eric Rogers 


Time Stamps  

00:00 – The power of finding meaning in life’s obstacles 

01:07 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

04:34 – Meet Eric Rogers, owner and founder of ‘Rogers Fitness Academy’

06:57 – Eric recounts his own childhood sexual abuse experience and how it affected him 

11:18 – How he got hooked on pain killers and how it turned into full-on drug addiction 

22:23 – Eric shares a turning point of his life 

26:53 – The power of discipline: Transform your life by replacing bad habits with good ones 

32:42 – The importance of having faith in God 

36:08 – Eric on how he got started coaching others reach peak performance by improving their fitness, nutrition & mindset 

42:58 – Eric discusses what kind of clients he works with 

46:44 - Where you can go to connect with Eric Rogers 

50:32 – The importance of tapping into your true identity 




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