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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

Matt Hammitt made one of the hardest decisions of his life 5 years ago to leave his highly successful music career to focus on his marriage and family.

Matt is a singer, songwriter, husband, father of four and now speaker. He was the singer for the band Sanctus Real for 20 yrs., from 1996 to 2016 and the recipient of 3 Dove Awards, Christian music's most coveted honor. He's also been nominated for two Grammy Awards.

But when his bands success was pulling him away from his marriage and family, Matt had to find the courage to fight to save it. This is his story.


"Every marriage is either moving towards isolation or oneness." -Matt Hammitt


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

2:19 – Meet Matt Hammitt, singer-songwriter and author of the book ‘LEAD ME’

9:16 – Matt recalls first meeting with wife Sarah Hammitt

11:42 – Growing together or growing apart: How his busy schedule as the lead singer of the band ‘Sanctus Real’ affected their marriage

15:40 – The power of oneness

18:05 – Matt on what led him to step away from the band

25:30 – Who am I vs. Who do I want to be?

31:51 – Matt recounts his discussion with band mates regarding his departure

35:25 – Matt on leaving his music career to live out a greater calling as husband and father

42:13 – Matt shares a fun story from a recent family trip

47:22 – Where you can go to connect with Matt Hammitt





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