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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

What is your #1 reason for staying at a job? Most might think it’s making more money or being in a position of power but you’d be wrong.

About 80% of people will either stay or leave a job based on how ‘valued’ they feel… and not only as an employee but as a human being.

Dr. Paul White, co-author of the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (based on the #1 best-selling book the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman) has devoted his career to making work relationships work.

In this insightful conversation on SBD Dr. Paul addresses the difference between workplace recognition and true appreciation.


"Appreciation isn't just words... if we only use 'words' we are missing more than HALF our people in the workforce." -Dr. Paul White


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

2:03 – Get to know Dr. Paul White, psychologist and author of ‘5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace’

3:46 – Recognition vs. Appreciation: What’s the difference?

8:38 – Why appreciation in the workplace matters

11:55 – How can you show appreciation to your employees?

16:02 – Dr. Paul on why people do not feel valued at work

21:26 – Discover the 4 ways to value people

25:33 – Understanding the 5 love languages

30:50 – Learn the differing types of appreciation people value

34:38 – Do remote employees want to be shown appreciation differently than on-site employees?

40:15 – Where you can go to connect with Dr. Paul White




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