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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

“Life is governed by a set of natural principles and laws.  As we recognize and honor these principles with our lifestyle choices, we improve the quality of our lives.” ~ Dr. Darrell Misak


What if having optimal health and a higher quality of life was as simple as being more aware? What if living in the best health of your life was not the result of some magic formula or secret?

Dr Darrell Misak is the owner and operator of Pittsburgh Alternative Health Inc. and while his primary focus was clinical rounding in Oncology and general medicine, he wanted to gain a greater truth in health.  This led him to the field of Naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Misak’s practice focuses on teaching and observing restorative health.  He is also the man behind the ground-breaking Vi-Telemetry Essentials; a unique formulation in anti-aging supplementation.

To hear more about this life-changing product and just how simply you can restore your body back to optimal health, join us for an eye-opening conversation.


"People today are not getting the minerals they need. I'm looking at how to fix people's "soil" to generate more energy." -Dr. Darrell Misak


Time Stamps

0:24 - Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

1:18 – Get to know Dr. Darrell Misak and his mission to teach health and observe restoration

8:33 – What inspired Dr. Darrell to become a naturopathic doctor

11:58 – Dr. Darrell reveals the basic nutrients and vitamins your body needs

15:20 – Discover Dr. Darrell’s ‘Five Phases’ to optimal health

21:01 – The principles of naturopathic medicine

24:29 – Why it’s all about the lifestyle

26:34 - The VI-Telometry: The science of anti-aging

35:00 – K9-Telometry: Everything you need to know

36:44 – How VI-Telometry products can help reverse aging

40:55 – Dr. Darrell on things to do today for a healthier tomorrow




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