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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

If you’re stuck in the past or too focused on the future, you’re not living in the present.

Life coach Joe Bernstein is helping men around the world become more fully present in their relationships, their careers and in their personal lives.

In order to do that, sometimes you need to dig deep to uncover the best of yourself. It’s been said that, “Joe was born to do this work.” He’s fully committed to helping men grow, evolve and become more successful in every area of their lives.

Men, get ready to find out just how powerful you can become in this life as host Chris Wilson speaks with today’s extraordinary guest Joe Bernstein on the Strong By Design podcast.


"When we're just all head we're missing a lot of the human experience and we typically will have a lot of problems with relationships." -Joe Bernstein


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

3:37 – Get to know more about life coach, Joe Bernstein

8:59 – Joe recounts his journey through a time of personal crisis 

17:01 - Are you confusing comfort with happiness?

22:35 – Joe talks about the mind-body connection

28:15 - The importance of mental toughness

31:03 – The power of male vulnerability

39:42 – The art of focusing on one thing at a time

45:22 – Why being accountable is important?

54:32 - Joe on applying mindfulness to everyday life

1:01:14 - Where you can go to connect with Joe Bernstein




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