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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 30, 2020

How well do you THINK you know the people at your job?

Here on Strong By Design, we went to a brand new level of truly knowing each other… the good, the bad and the ugly!

From our favorite ice cream flavor to our MOST embarrassing moments, the 4 hosts of the show go deep and uncomfortable in today’s game show style episode.

Get to know Mike, Tonya, Sam and Chris in a whole new way and have a few much-needed laughs to end 2020 on a high note.


"Oh, we're going there!? I was 13 years old and it was the worst day of my life.” -Chris Wilson


Time Stamps

0:24 – Meet the Critical Bench team

4:30 – Newlywed Game: Tonya Fines & Chris Wilson vs. Mike Westerdal & Sam Harrison

11:08 – Level One: Which do you prefer?

26:35 – This or that: Animal edition

30:32 – Level Two: Getting to know each other on a deeper level

38:17 – What’s your favorite _____?

1:00:10 – What was your most embarrassing moment?

1:06:58 – What would you do if you won $1 million?

1:08:35 – Who’s your biggest mentor in your life?

1:09:48 – Who is your favorite person in the world?

1:11:24 – What is your biggest pet peeve?

1:13:18 – Which superhero do you want to be?

1:18:25 – Where you can go if you want a Strong by Design / Critical Bench gear




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