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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 9, 2020

You’re active. You train multiple times a week. You lift weights. You do yoga. You run. You cycle. Maybe you do all of the above......

You’re doing everything you’re supposed to, but something still isn’t right.

Maybe that knee you tweaked in college is still a little off. Maybe you’ve got a shoulder that always pops or feels unstable. You can’t explain why, but maybe you avoid certain movements or certain activities “just because”.

While simply being active helps, it’s not just about getting off the couch.

Many of us have been told to move more, but this assumes that any movement automatically means good movement. Unfortunately, training poor movement patterns actually creates a greater risk of injury.

The solution isn't simply to move more. We need to learn how to move BETTER.

Listen to today's Strong By Design podcast with movement specialist Dr. Moses Bernard.


"I don't look at what I do as just one thing, it is a continuum of giving people the tools to move better." -Dr Moses Bernard


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

1:33 – Get to know Dr. Moses Bernard, The Human Movement Expert

9:33 – What’s the difference between Chiropractor vs. Movement Performance Chiropractor?

16:45 – Importance of having a right foundation for fitness

24:07 – Why it's important to move your body every day

28:44 – The power of understanding ‘WHY’

29:43 – Benefits of mindful breathing

34:45 – Dr. Moses Bernard discusses misconceptions about chiropractic care

37:49 – Why your body knows more than you think

41:23 – Dr. Moses Bernard talks about his health and fitness philosophy, ‘Movement Manifesto’

48:19 – Unexpected health benefits of chiropractic care

58:13 – Connect with Dr. Moses Bernard through his social media channels and official website




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