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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 8, 2020

CBD oil has not only sparked some pretty intense debates among the general population, but it has also piqued the curiosity of individuals who want to know more about this product and if in fact, it has any real benefits with respect to their health and wellness.

With the impact CBD oil is making, as far as being utilized in alternative therapies for everything from pain management to alleviating cancer-related symptoms, Mike Westerdal sat down with our own in-house Holistic Health Practitioner Tonya Fines to talk about just how CBD is being used and what claims are being made about its effectiveness, if any at all. 


"Is this something that can have a tremendous benefit to people's health and pain management, absolutely." -Tonya Fines


Time Stamps

0:25 – What is CBD?

3:04 – What forms does CBD come in?

5:52 – What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

11:08 – Things to consider before taking CBD

17:57 – CBD dosage: How much should you take?

19:49 – What are the side effects of CBD Oil?

22:36 – Coaches Mike Westerdal and Tonya Fines share final thoughts on CBD Oil


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