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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 6, 2019

Mike Zhang is a 2011 North American Mauy Thai Champion and the 2014 USMTO Open Class silver medalist.

The day that Mike walked into that boxing gym was a defining moment in young Mike’s life.  It was the first time he ever heard someone tell him he was “good” at something.  That moment triggered what Mike recognizes as the “positivity loop” and from that day on he never looked back. 

After winning his Muay Thai title Mike began to adopt the “champion mentality” into every aspect of his life.  With his tenacious spirit and intense focus he went from failing high school student to Dean’s List college graduate, more championship titles and successful entrepreneur at an age where many of us are still figuring out “what we want to be when we grow up.”

Listen to this podcast to hear Mike’s inspiring story and the sincere message in his words. 


“I’m different from a lot of other fighters, because when you think of a fighter you think aggressive guy; a jock, cocky, aggressive his whole life.  Well I wasn’t like that.  I was the guy that no one really looked at right.  So when I see someone walk into the gym and they have that kind of that lost look, it kind of strikes a chord in me.  So I always go out of my way to help and coach people.”


-Mike Zhang


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1:20 Find out what it was that got Mike into martial arts

2:23 How did walking into a boxing gym change Mike’s life and what he would end up doing?

4:19 Mike first experiences the “Positivity Loop”

5:32 Mike becomes a Muay Thai champion and ultimately, he takes on this role and builds a business around this mindset

7:14 From failing high school student to Deans List College graduate - applying a champion mentality to every aspect of his life

8:32 Mike has had 3 coaches along his successful journey.  Find out who they were.

9:15 Mike talks about his titles

13:01 Fat Shredder Kickboxing is born!

13:56 Kickboxer Abs is one of Mikes newer products!

17:11 Mike helps his mom overcome some health issues to help her get into better shape.

20:20 One rule Mike lives by and how that inspired him to start his own charity Champions of Tomorrow

21:26 When the champion of the gym goes up and talks to the kid who’s a little bit different everyone notices

22:35  All of his teachers counted him out. 

24:49 This one quote has become the theme for how Mike lives his life and chooses to give back.

26:31 Mike officially launches his charity



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