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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 22, 2023


In the words of our inspiring guest today… 

We were made for greatness but we continue to settle behind half-truths and useless excuses, building walls and masks, hoping that no one will see who we truly are underneath. 

It is time for a change. We can be that change.”  ~Brian Alsruhe  

Feb 15, 2023


Life today is moving at breakneck speed.  

People are busier than ever, maxed out, overwhelmed, and filled with anxiety and stress. Look around and you can just feel it in your community, in the news and all over the world.  

This episode is giving you permission to stop. To shut down and unplug. It is time to...

Feb 8, 2023


When not competing in the world axe throwing championships, Scott Biddle is busy investing in future generations through his non-profit, Unleashed heroes.  

Unleashed Heroes is something Scott created to be able to focus on releasing teens and young adults into the world in a way that they will be successful...

Feb 1, 2023

Becoming an uncommon man is not something that happens easily. 

If you are tired of settling for average and tired of making excuses for why you are not showing up in life as your ‘best self’ then this conversation is exactly what you need. 

Our guest today on the Strong By Design podcast is long-time friend...