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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 28, 2022


Often times life throws you a curve ball. 

And in the case of our special guest today on Strong By Design, life actually took away the opportunity to throw a curve ball.  

When purpose and passion are connected at a young age, it’s a wonderful thing and you feel invincible. You actually see yourself living out...

Sep 21, 2022

Here’s the truth — illness starts before the symptoms appear. Treating only the symptoms of a disease does not help you recover your health. You need to get to the bottom of what caused your illness to begin your healing journey. 

The path of healing helps you discover not only who you are, but enables you to...

Sep 14, 2022


I’ll never forget the moment when my fiancée Anne turned to me after I had been told that I could never be a SEAL again, and said, 

“What makes you extraordinary isn’t what you can do physically. It's how your brain works, how you think.” (from 

Larry Yatch is a retired US Navy...

Sep 7, 2022

Anxiety, stress, depression and despair seem to be at an all-time high in our culture today. People seem so weighed down by life. 

Could it be the fear of failure, overcommitment personally and professionally and what about comparison syndrome… that need to keep up with your peers in a fast-paced world?