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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 24, 2021

Small beginnings can lead to MASSIVE impact.

Over 20 years ago an ambitious trainer Ben Prentiss built a small personal training studio in southwest Connecticut. At a time when people questioned what the heck that job was… “I’m confused, you “watch” people exercise??”

Years later after building a highly...

Feb 17, 2021

Are you passionately living each day?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are clock punchers… they show up, go through the motions of work and life and then punch out for the day. REPEAT.

They’re not truly living a life they love, merely existing.

But not Mike Wahl.

Dr. Mike Wahl is a health and wellness entrepreneur,...

Feb 10, 2021

What if you could slow down the aging process without invasive surgery or expensive treatments?  What if it was possible to truly age gracefully AND finally be done with repeating behaviors that are sabotaging you and making you look and feel years older than you actually are?

What if I told you that getting these...

Feb 3, 2021

Sometimes referred to as, “The Tony Stark of the fitness industry” Dr John Jaquish is the inventor of X3, a technology that is proven to develop muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting… and with the lowest risk of joint injury.

He has spent years researching and developing improved approaches to...