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Strong By Design Podcast

May 25, 2018

Train Like an Athlete for the Perfect Body with Erin Stern

On this episode of Strong By Design, Coach Chris sits down with 2x Ms. Figure Olympia, fitness coach and author, Erin Stern. They go into depth on why training like an athlete is better for physique. Also, stay tuned to hear about the free 5-minute glute workout.


 “Look at different athletes, if you want to look that way, then you need to train like them.”

-Erin Stern



Time Stamps:

2:05 Erin Stern’s athletic background

4:17 Why is training like an athlete is better for physique

8:37 Erin’s suggestions for a 90-day transformation

12:30  Glute's workouts

15:52 Top 3 struggles beginning deal with...

17:14 The 6 'foundational' exercises beginners should master

18:30 Encouragement for beginners

19:36 IFBB Elite Pro Competition in South Africa




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