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Strong By Design Podcast

May 22, 2019

Wendy Hart is an International Speaker and Performance Coach and the creator of “The Procrastination Cure: A Complete System that Compels You to Follow Through (and if you have a business, Make More Money!)”

Her promise for her clients is to “increase your follow-through by 3 times or more, in 3 months or less, without ever relying on Will Power. 

Coach Tonya Fines digs down deep with Wendy to uncover some amazing, life-changing strategies to overcome procrastination, self-doubt and anxiety.

Wendy has over 25 years’ experience in human behavior, sales and psychology, and using neuroscience and sneaky brain hacks, has developed a unique system that has people end procrastination fast, and for good, as well as dissolve their unconscious blocks to success. 

In other words, she helps you end self-sabotage.

Wendy has coached thousands of clients on 6 continents, and has helped them to reduce anxiety and overwhelm, increase their sales or performance, and increase their business activity by as much as 300% to 1000% in as little as 90 days.  


"Until and unless you can learn how to use the operating system and retrain that alarm in your brain, you will be suffering all the time with things that never get to the top brain, all those feelings of dread and resistance we feel..anything you're procrastinating on."

-Wendy Hart


Time Stamps

2:07 Why Wendy Hart is SO super awesome and a One of a Kind Mind Guru!

8:30 Digging in DEEPER to better understand the root cause of procrastination

11:15 The 3-parts to your brain, what they do for you and WHY

16:57 How the triggers (alarm) in our brain impact our daily living

21:57 Gurus with good intentions but not always the science to overcome – it’s not about will power

25:40 Are you sending the Self-Sabotaging part of you to the Gym??

28:10 How a ‘Jerk’ can shake you off your game

31:35 Searching for that dopamine hit to keep us going

34:00 You only have so much will power every single day – the Will Power Bucket

37:50 The FASTEST way to speak to the listeners - through a metaphor

41:03 Rewiring your brain and your “new normal”

45:07 Silliness, dread and having Anchors in your life

48:30 Feeling paralyzed to do IT ALL RIGHT NOW - overwhelm

51:20 Why Wendy cried ‘Happy Tears’ every Friday

53:50 Get Started with the Procrastination Cure – *FREE GIFT from Wendy*

57:30 Just do these TWO things plus other Cherry Picked recipes


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