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Strong By Design Podcast

Aug 8, 2018

On today’s Strong by Design episode Keto expert, Danny Vega joins Coach Chris for a 2 part episode. In this episode, you will find out Danny Vega’s extensive athletic background and how he got introduced to the Keto diet. Tune in to find out how to do keto as a family.


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"I’ve always been obsessed with diet and nutrition but keto is different, it’s about health."

-Danny Vega


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Time Stamps:

2:40 Danny’s high school football background

5:42 Danny’s time at Columbia University

7:39 Becoming an assistant in the UF weight room

12:47 The transition from football strength coach to a basketball strength coach

16:22 Danny’s array of activities and diets | From Paleo to Keto and CrossFit to Powerlifting

17:48 How Danny got introduced to Keto

28:09 Danny’s philosophy on children’s diets



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