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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

On this episode of Strong By Design, Coach Chris sits down with his colleague, Brian Klepacki. They share science based research on why you should NEVER do a sit up or crunch again. Also, stay tuned to hear about the Crunchless Core Program.

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“We are strong by design but if we are not utilizing the strength on how we were designed we will never truly meet our truest potential.”

-Brian Klepacki

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Time Stamps:

2:20 Brian’s trainer background

4:07 The last time Brian did a crunch

5:30 Cosmetic abs vs performance abs, what's the difference?

6:23 What makes up the core?

8:25 Why most Ab programs don’t work

12:40 Why the Crunchless Core Program is more effective

15:40 Get the science based research behind Crunchless Core

17:00 Are your muscles dormant?

22:20 Are abs really made in the kitchen?

Questions Asked

  1. When was the last time you did a crunch or sit up?
  2. Difference between cosmetic abs vs true core strength?
  3. What are the top reasons why core routines fail?
  4. Why is Crunchless Core different than everything out there?
  5. Explain the mind muscle connection
  6. What can people expect from the Crunchless Core program
  7. Are abs made in the kitchen?


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