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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 27, 2018

On today’s episode of Strong By Design, Coach Chris sits down with Joseph Poirier (JP) who is the Critical Bench cameraman, but more importantly, he is also a pastor at a local church. JP enlightens us on how the physical realm and spiritual realm are connected.  Stay tuned to hear how faith can give your mind the stability you may be lacking.


“The spiritual realm affects the physical realm but the physical realm also affects the spiritual realm.”

-Joseph Poirier (JP)


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Time Stamps:

4:14 How is the physical realm connected to the spiritual realm

6:29 Taking control of your mind

7:46 Where do you get your stability?

9:58 Are you successful in all portions of your life?

13:07 Your body is a gift, are you treating it accordingly?

19:19 Finding  your purpose

23:21 Why wisdom is true strength

28:25 Shutting out all the noise of the day to day

30:57 What are the 5 sense gates and how to use them to change your mind


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