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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

Best-selling book author and renowned fitness and health expert Bruce Krahn joins the SBD podcast show.

High above the streets of San Diego, Bruce shares his lifelong passion for fitness with Coach Chris. What’s clear is that NOTHING was going to stop his quest to reach people and change their lives.

Over the past 25 years Bruce has seen a lot of changes in the fitness and health industry… in fact when he started in the 90’s, personal training wasn’t even a recognized career yet!! Bruce also gets candid about his grossest day at the gym (whew!) and silliest moments with his young twin sons.

Bruce’s mantra and approach to life has gifted him with an amazing support system in his wife and closest friends. He also clings to his Christian faith which grounds him and is his rock. Get inside the mind of a man who knows exactly what he wants in life and goes after it with passion, faith and confidence in himself.


"The impact it's (faith) had on my life has been profound because when those times hit, when times are really hard, when you're really struggling.. everything always falls back onto that.. when the seas get stormy you've got to have that rock to cling to.."

-Bruce Krahn


Time Stamps

2:04 “When I started there was no formal profession known as personal training..”

4:23 Gets fired for a job he hated and his Dad was pissed

5:30 Bill Phillips helps shape Bruce’s dream job

6:44 The job interview that changed everything!

10:11 Where his passion for building his body came from at 13 yrs old…

11:39 The grossest gym story you’ve EVER heard

13:50 Comparing the face to face experience to impact online

15:00 “A letter to my unborn children..” – 20 life lessons

17:00 Biceps, Abs and not being a “girly” man - with accent 😊

18:00 The mantra that Bruce lives by

21:21 Juggling business with family and relationships

23:00 How to be accountable to himself (Bruce)

24:28 Bruce’s wife is a huge support system

25:35 Best Dad stories with his twin sons

29:45 Why faith is his foundation, his rock  

32:39 Surrounding himself with men of faith

33:30 Bruce’s blessings and gifts come when he’s plugged into faith

36:00 How his passions have shifted over the years

39:00 Knowing his physical limitations and slipping a disc while lifting

42:15 His best programs and ways to find Bruce


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