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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

Are you living a balanced life? Dr. Ron Eccles joins Coach Chris on this episode of Strong by Design to discuss how to dominate the four core areas of your life which are health, relationships, finances, and your spiritual life.  So many of us concentrate our efforts to move the needle in one area that we often times forget the others which can lead to an unhappy and unbalanced life. Tune in to get some actionable steps on how to get clarity on what you want in life and dominate your core four.


"I'll just challenge anyone listening right now that if you have a life that is built upon something that's unshakeable, your life is so much better."

-Dr. Ron Eccles


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Time Stamps:

01:19 What happens when you don't utilize and develop the gifts God gives you
08:18 The Core 4 - Getting clear about what you want
11:29 Your personal growth journey with God
13:59 Building your life upon an unshakable foundation
17:48 ROAR! What it means and where the name comes from
25:25 Having balance in all areas in your life
26:42 Become proactive in your life
28:40 Dr. Ron's morning routine

33:39 What do you want your life centered around?
37:45 Overcoming the fear of mistakes
42:30 Tips to move the needle in your life
44:35 Doing your responsibility vs doing what you feel like




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