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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 13, 2019

Founder of Get Lean in 12 and World Class copywriter Shaun Hadsall visits the Strong By Design podcast show!

20 years ago, the Body for Life transformation competition catapulted Shaun from a toxic environment into a world of health & wellness helping men and women transform their own lives. Then after the birth of his daughter, Shaun became driven to be a better man and use his awesome gifts and passion for fitness to inspire positive change in the lives of others everywhere.

Find out how Shaun’s strong Christian faith and desire to succeed has allowed him to give back, intimately touching and impacting the lives of people all over the world!


"Helping monetarily is great, but when you become the hands and feet of Christ, it changes your life."

-Shaun Hadsall



1:08 Shaun becomes first runner up of Bill Phillips Body for Life competition

4:53 Burning out in the fitness industry and chasing the almighty dollar

7:35 Going from brick and mortar training studios to the online world

12:15 Marriage hits TOUGH times and Shaun files for divorce

16:17 Climbing over tables to get to Joel Marion at Frank Kern’s event

20:45 His faith rattled while friends & family urge him to get a “real” job

22:54 Talking to fat loss guru Mike Geary and going above and beyond

28:00 God speaks love and faith into his marriage and life!

34:35 Shaun and biz partner Ryan Colby give back with Living Water International

39:30 How giving to others has led to growth, success and gratefulness

40:50 Shaun’s personal HOUR OF POWER

47:00 Taking massive action, making mistakes and living a life based on FAITH

55:30 Who are the FIVE people you surround yourself with?

57:30 Shaun’s life lessons that provide value to people struggling


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