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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Chrissa Benson is founder of Physical Kitchness, an online health and wellness ‘one stop shop' dedicated to helping busy women reduct the overwhelm of healthy living.  

Physical Kitchness was established in 2015 and has quickly gained a loyal following with a unique twist of ‘real’ talk, mom-life humor, simple recipes, meal prep hacks, and effective home workouts. Following the success of Physical Kitchness, Chrissa created the membership site, Club Kitchness for women who want to dive even deeper into making healthy habits that stick, want more accountability, and desire a structured framework for success. 

Chrissa’s 'how-to' guides help transition families to a non-processed, paleo-inspired lifestyle. She is creator of the 30 Minute Real Food Meal Revolution meal planning guide and Instantly Paleo eBook.

The mission for Physical Kitchness is simple: motivate women to take care of themselves so they can take care of their families, the EASY way. And with over 140,000 social media followers and millions of website page views, it’s a message that resonates loud and clear. 

Physical Kitchness has been featured in publications like Parents, Fit Pregnancy, Buzzfeed, Self, Runner’s World, Today Food Club, and Women’s Health. 

On top of operating Physical Kitchness, Chrissa is a self-proclaimed kitchen ninja and barre instructor. She is married to an active-duty Marine and they have two sons.


"...It's made me so passionate about helping other women to achieve greatness whether that is in food and fitness..mindset.. I really believe that all those challenges in life really lead us to something greater.."

-Chrissa Benson


Time Stamps

2:00 Chrissa’s perfectly imperfect life

3:45 Transitioning from Corporate life to Stay at Home Mom

6:15 Overcoming life’s challenges and growing her brand

9:00 Praying and discovering the right path to take

11:10 Best tips to overcome fear and regret

12:30 Becoming part of the Physical Kitchness community – Club Kitchness

14:20 Why do we (Mom’s) need to take care of themselves

19:40 Finding balance in your life

24:10 Choosing ‘how’ to share her REALITY on social media

29:17 Leaning on God, hearing His voice to lead others

30:35 Chrissa’s long term hopes and dreams for her brand

31:18 Does her husband, a Major in the Marine Corp, participate??

32:18 The core beliefs that guide Chrissa’s decision making

34:00 Ways to find Chrissa on social media and join her tribe!


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