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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 27, 2019

Lifelong bodybuilder and nutrition expert Lee Hayward visits the CriticalBench Compound. Before the days of and YouTube, Lee was one of the very first fitness & health experts to have a website having been online since 1997!

He’s currently devoting all of his time and energy to encouraging Men Over 40 get leaner, stronger and healthier. Lee indulges Coach Chris by sharing several great “war” stories about past injuries, his YouTube beginnings and how he and CB Founder Mike Westerdal were actually Bench Press rivals back in the late 90s.  

Listen in as Lee reveals some super effective tips to speed up fat loss, aid recovery, gain muscle mass and be more fit in your 40’s and beyond.

"You can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously… 99% of the people listening to this can… the average person who just wants to lose weight and get in shape, you can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously."

-Lee Hayward


Time Stamps

2:00 Lee’s ‘Blast Your Bench’ VERSUS ‘The CriticalBench Program’

5:30 From competition to collaboration, a huge mindset shift

9:50 How Lee got started on YouTube not knowing what he was doing

12:55 Joining Toastmasters to overcome his inability to speak well

15:36 The evolution from powerlifting to bodybuilding to Men Over 40

18:00 Lee suffers his first major injury just after the highlight of his bodybuilding career

24:55 Lee’s personal best lifts – bench, squat, deadlift

25:30 A shift in training approach, getting away from HEAVY lifting

26:00 The second injury – biceps tear flipping a 600 lb. tire with the guys

30:18 No more peer pressure, lifting smarter, not harder – Know Your Limits

32:50 Lifestyle changes lead to weight gain and frustration

36:00 Comments on YouTube hit home, time to SHAPE UP

39:15 Using Intermittent Fasting (IF) to trigger Fat Loss

44:26 Unrealistic weight loss tactics

45:50 Practical tips to lose weight without counting calories

50:00 Lee’s transformation from 39 to 40 years old

51:44 Lee’s Yin and Yang training system

55:45 Not every total body workout needs to look the same

58:15 “I know it sounds so sissy, but Do More Yoga!”

1:06:00 Best places to FIND Lee online


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