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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 13, 2018

Today on Strong By Design, Coach Chris sits down with Holistic Health Practitioner & Nutrition Specialist, Tonya Fines. Together they break down the ketogenic diet and give you the answers to all of your questions.  Also, check out the link below for access to the free glute workout.


“If you are thinking about doing the ketogenic diet, do some research and ask some questions from a reliable source. Don’t just jump into it.”

-Tonya Fines


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Time Stamps:

4:35 What is a Ketogenic Diet?
5:02 All about Ketones and what they do
7:26 Is the ketogenic diet for everyone?
9:25 How a keto diet can aid in fat loss
12:00 Foods you can eat on the keto diet
17:48 Keto, a fad or a lifestyle?
21:19 How to start your keto diet
23:37 Health benefits of a ketogenic diet
25:25 What is “ketosis breath”?

Questions Asked

  1. What is a Ketogenic Diet?
  2. What are Ketones? What do Ketones do exactly?
  3. What is Ketosis? How does it work?
  4. Is a ketogenic diet safe? Are there any risks of following a ketogenic diet?
  5. Will a ketogenic diet help me lose weight?
  6. What types of foods are included in a ketogenic diet?
  7. Is this an easy plan to follow & stick to as a lifestyle?
  8. How would I get started if I wanted to follow a ketogenic diet?
  9. What are the health benefits of a ketogenic diet?
  10. What are there, if any, symptoms of starting/ following a ketogenic diet
  11. I’ve heard the term “ketosis breath.” What is this?
  12. Is a ketogenic diet something I can follow for a short period of time & then come back to? Can I cycle this diet with a regular/ normal eating plan so I can have carbs once in a while?


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