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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

Join Coach Brian as he sits down with fellow YouTuber and online coach Alby Gonzalez. They discuss the benefits of isometric training. If you are feeling the effects of years of “bro” workouts this episode is for you. Find out how to make your workouts more efficient and still get the gains you desire.


"I had to be more efficient with my workouts...if I wanted to live a good quality of life I had to stay active."

-Alby Gonzalez


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Time Stamps:

1:27 How Alby got into training

8:29 The effects of age on your body

12:20 The difference between overcoming isometrics and yielding isometrics

13:46 Muscle growth benefits of isometric training

15:08 The benefits of isometric training for the athlete

16:57 How to win FREE Critical Bench gear

17:52 Isometrics exercises you can do at home

21:02 Break down of the isometric mass program

22:36 The importance of rest and recovery

27:38 The top 5 isometric exercises



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