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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 4, 2018

On today’s episode of Strong By Design, Coach Chris discusses progressive overload with Frank Rich, founder or Massthetic Muscle. Frank gives us the 5 tiers of progressive overload and here’s a hint,  tier 1 is not adding more weight. Tune in to find out the right way to progressive overload for muscle building.


“Tension is the currency or the language of muscular growth. Load and weight and resistance are simply the tools to create tension within a muscle..”

-Frank Rich


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Time Stamps:

2:33 Frank’s fitness background

8:20 The true definition of progressive overload

19:32 Tier 1 Execution & Form

22:08 Tier 2 Frequency

25:31 Tier 3 Volume (workload)

26:40 Tier 4 Density (time)

27:45 Tier 5 Increasing the load

30:15 What Frank’s current training looks like




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